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Fuzzylogics   rodach - schlothauer - weiser  

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Fuzzylogics is an experimental instrumental life sampling electric trio with the berlin based musicians Michael Rodach (el. guitars), Burkhard Schlothauer (el. violin) und Andreas Weiser (percussion, el. processed voice). All born in 1957 they have reached a point in their long artistic lifes, where they are relaxed and detached. Although they have remarkable instrumental skills they don‘t have to show it.
Classical and Jazz educated Schlothauer and Rodach met another in 2005 playing together for director “Robert Wilson” at the famous “Berliner Ensemble” the theatre where Berthold Brecht and Helene Weigel worked in the fifties and sixties. Percussionist Weiser, who studied Philosophy in Berlin like Schlothauer played in uncounted various band projects together with Rodach since the eighties.
Composer and violinist Schlothauer as co-founder of minimalistic wandelweiser composer group and member of extraordinary Zeitkratzer Ensemble, with which he is researching the boarders of experimental music since the beginnings of Zeitkratzer in 1997 until today, inserts his preference for long tones and oscillating sounds into the project.
Weiser and Rodach being successful composers for broadcast audio art, radio plays, contemporary dance, theater projects and films have a fine sense for atmospheres and fascinating soundscapes – they are also well known in Berlin as live and studio musicians.
Calling the sound constructions of this record anti-modern RSW generally remain sceptical with the promise of the „right“ way in art. Therefore they have in mind that each one of them is free to choose which musical memory content he activates within the common process of
musical creation and that only he himself is responsible for using it.
The music of Fuzzylogics is not harsh, not too loud, not really revolutionary but clear and simple and full of beauties, it’s streaming.
Rodach-Schlothauer-Weiser sample spontaneous without any preparation and without using previously recorded material. What they play is taken into the stream and looped, repeated in its uniqueness, memorable without being schematic. Three men playing e-guitar, e-violin and drums, totally analog, recording their picking, bowing, scraping, clattering and scratching, then continuing to play on top of it. In doing so delightful sounding surfaces of expansive timelessness occur which are open for any imagination and image worlds.
Rodach-Schlothauer-Weiser’s way of making music is inspired by thinking of electronic music in „Tracks“. The direct interacting and reacting is placed back to rather layers played on and off, added and subtracted. So different worlds correlate and through that gain meaning.
The loops often differ in their length and are often metrically not or just roughly coordinated. This results in very fine nuances, coincidental differences as well as novel combinations and polychrome superpositions.
This music can be enjoyed and understood by anyone who leaves him/her self to get into the flow and completely let go questions of sense and meaning while listening into the layers, leaving himself to their simultaneity and steady foreignness. The music of Rodach-Schlothauer-Weiser is not strict - it is rather open for all reminiscences from long musician’s lifes. It is simultaneously formal and free, distant and loving, full of beauty and ugliness – just as life!!